Update Rust

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......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
[submodule "rust"]
path = rust
url = https://gitlab.redox-os.org/redox-os/rust.git
branch = redox-unix-2019-04-06
branch = redox-2019-08-08
[submodule "redoxfs"]
path = redoxfs
url = https://gitlab.redox-os.org/redox-os/redoxfs.git
Subproject commit 478f2f752fa4ec87a3a31ee05f44557ea165d97b
Subproject commit b22e461d80cb44a8835fab55349369c6486135fa
Subproject commit a7b354c8e0db8204fdfa885a205a86e2e6c28bb1
Subproject commit 8feed5bbd5f2f57d6f71472618730a9583b9d659
Subproject commit 788950e5c5a426a1ef986e9716d4a071007ad7c0
Subproject commit 3249ba34f4faa0e65e1f5b78eb205bcbe4c10555
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