Commit 53874213 authored by Jeremy Soller's avatar Jeremy Soller

Add dladdr

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......@@ -10,6 +10,23 @@ pub const RTLD_NOW: c_int = 0x0002;
pub const RTLD_GLOBAL: c_int = 0x0100;
pub const RTLD_LOCAL: c_int = 0x0000;
pub struct Dl_info {
dli_fname: *const c_char,
dli_fbase: *mut c_void,
dli_sname: *const c_char,
dli_saddr: *mut c_void,
pub unsafe extern "C" fn dladdr(addr: *mut c_void, info: *mut Dl_info) -> c_int {
(*info).dli_fname = ptr::null();
(*info).dli_fbase = ptr::null_mut();
(*info).dli_sname = ptr::null();
(*info).dli_saddr = ptr::null_mut();
pub unsafe extern "C" fn dlopen(filename: *const c_char, flags: c_int) -> *mut c_void {
let filename_cstr = CStr::from_ptr(filename);
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