Commit 0dabf8c8 authored by Josh Stone's avatar Josh Stone

Rebase LLVM to 8.0.0 final

parent 0f88167f
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@
[submodule "src/llvm-project"]
path = src/llvm-project
url =
branch = rustc/8.0-2019-01-16
branch = rustc/8.0-2019-03-18
[submodule "src/doc/embedded-book"]
path = src/doc/embedded-book
url =
Subproject commit 4fc9fb8245abe24680192535870c4522644a4212
Subproject commit 1f484cbe0e863e9e215f1b3d7198063444d60873
# If this file is modified, then llvm will be (optionally) cleaned and then rebuilt.
# The actual contents of this file do not matter, but to trigger a change on the
# build bots then the contents should be changed so git updates the mtime.
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