Commit 5e6380ad authored by Tyler Mandry's avatar Tyler Mandry

Update rustfmt

- preparation for potential rustfmt 1.4.19 (#4283)
- chore: backport 8157a3f0afe978d3e953420577f8344db7e905bf
- deps: bump rustc-ap to v669
- deps: bump rustc-ap-* to v668
- deps: bump rustc-ap* to v666
- Use correct span for match arms with the leading pipe and attributes (#3975)
parent c6526b3d
Subproject commit c1e9b7b87493c5197c4330693bdf4ccb30a90971
Subproject commit cef1c0d5ebde015d72d830e655ca1b4079a08494
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