Commit 654c180d authored by Alexis Bourget's avatar Alexis Bourget

Apply suggestion from review

parent 771ec216
......@@ -1274,12 +1274,10 @@ impl<T> Vec<T> {
/// Creates a draining iterator that removes the specified range in the vector
/// and yields the removed items.
/// The element range is removed even if the iterator is only partially
/// consumed or not consumed at all.
/// Note: Be aware that if the iterator is leaked (eg: [`mem::forget`]), it
/// cancels this property so it is unspecified how many elements are removed
/// from the vector in this case.
/// When the iterator **is** dropped, all elements in the range are removed
/// from the vector, even if the iterator was not fully consumed. If the
/// iterator **is not** dropped (with [`mem::forget`] for example), it is
/// unspecified how many elements are removed.
/// # Panics
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