Update RELEASES.md after destabilization of non_modrs_mods

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......@@ -25,9 +25,6 @@ Language
macros it is recommended to export with the
`#[macro_export(local_inner_macros)]` attribute so that users won't have to
import those macros.
- [`mod.rs` files are now optional.][54146] Previously if you had a `foo` module
with a `bar` submodule, you would have `src/foo/mod.rs` and `src/foo/bar.rs`.
Now you can have `src/foo.rs` and `src/foo/bar.rs` to achieve the same effect.
- [You can now catch visibility keywords (e.g. `pub`, `pub(crate)`) in macros
using the `vis` specifier.][53370]
- [Non-macro attributes now allow all forms of literals not just
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