Commit b64098e5 authored by Graydon Hoare's avatar Graydon Hoare

Register new snapshots for incompatible-syntax transition.

parent 9419c5df
S 2011-05-12 b1d3364
linux-i386 7671ac0de19d9ea981616b3c58c1d48f1b43820a
macos-i386 bc7ee4d146ef6e0236afbd7cc4a9241582fd2952
winnt-i386 5d3279a2dd0e3179b0e982432d63d79f87cac221
S 2011-05-11 14f1fe0
linux-i386 1a2c56832b202d75186b0c0e99907e54c4b45c66
macos-i386 fdbf4e5da258cc369ec3ba243131eb06f7af861a
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