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Updated for 1.31.0

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Version 1.31.0 (2018-12-06)
- 🎉 [This version marks the release of the 2018 edition of Rust.][54057] 🎉
- [New lifetime elision rules now allow for eliding lifetimes in functions and
impl headers.][54778] E.g. `impl<'a> Reader for BufReader<'a> {}` can now be
`impl Reader for BufReader<'_> {}`. Lifetimes are still required to be defined
in structs.
- [You can now define and use `const` functions.][54835] These are currently
a strict minimal subset of the [const fn RFC][RFC-911]. Refer to the
[language reference][const-reference] for what exactly is available.
- [You can now use tool lints, which allow you to scope lints from external
tools using attributes.][54870] E.g. `#[allow(clippy::filter_map)]`.
- [`#[no_mangle]` and `#[export_name]` attributes can now be located anywhere in
a crate, not just in exported functions.][54451]
- [You can now use parentheses in pattern matches.][54497]
- [Updated musl to 1.1.20][54430]
- [You can now convert `num::NonZero*` types to their raw equivalvents using the
`From` trait.][54240] E.g. `u8` now implements `From<NonZeroU8>`.
- [You can now convert a `&Option<T>` into `Option<&T>` and `&mut Option<T>`
into `Option<&mut T>` using the `From` trait.][53218]
- [You can now multiply (`*`) a `time::Duration` by a `u32`.][52813]
Stabilized APIs
- [`slice::align_to`]
- [`slice::align_to_mut`]
- [`slice::chunks_exact`]
- [`slice::chunks_exact_mut`]
- [`slice::rchunks`]
- [`slice::rchunks_mut`]
- [`slice::rchunks_exact`]
- [`slice::rchunks_exact_mut`]
- [`Option::replace`]
- [Cargo will now download crates in parallel using HTTP/2.][cargo/6005]
Version 1.30.0 (2018-10-25)
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