Commit fcc8b8ce authored by Alex Crichton's avatar Alex Crichton

ci: Update FreeBSD tarball downloads

These appear to have disappeared from the original server, so I acquired
the contents from a different mirror and uploaded them to our S3 bucket
parent 52980d0f
# ignore-tidy-linelength
set -eux
......@@ -55,7 +57,9 @@ for lib in c++ c_nonshared compiler_rt execinfo gcc pthread rt ssp_nonshared; do
files_to_extract=("${files_to_extract[@]}" "./usr/lib/lib${lib}.*")
# Originally downloaded from:
curl "$URL" | tar xJf - -C "$sysroot" --wildcards "${files_to_extract[@]}"
# Fix up absolute symlinks from the system image. This can be removed
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