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      Updated RELEASES.md for 1.33.0 · 50be4794
      Aaron Power authored
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      Auto merge of #56123 - oli-obk:import_miri_from_future, r=eddyb · b139669f
      bors authored
      Add a forever unstable opt-out of const qualification checks
      r? @eddyb
      cc @RalfJung @Centril
      basically a forever unstable way to screw with const things in horribly unsafe, unsound and incoherent ways.
      Note that this does *not* affect miri except by maybe violating assumptions that miri makes. But there's no change in how miri evaluates things.
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      Auto merge of #58061 - nnethercote:overhaul-syntax-Folder, r=petrochenkov · 2596bc13
      bors authored
      Overhaul `syntax::fold::Folder`.
      This PR changes `syntax::fold::Folder` from a functional style
      (where most methods take a `T` and produce a new `T`) to a more
      imperative style (where most methods take and modify a `&mut T`), and
      renames it `syntax::mut_visit::MutVisitor`.
      This makes the code faster and more concise.
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      Auto merge of #58058 - QuietMisdreavus:use-attr, r=GuillaumeGomez · 0e5a2099
      bors authored
      rustdoc: don't try to get a DefId for a Def that doesn't have one
      Fixes https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/issues/58054
      The compiler allows you to write a `use` statement for a built-in non-macro attribute, since `use proc_macro` can apply to both the `proc_macro` crate and the `#[proc_macro]` attribute. However, if you write a use statement for something that *doesn't* have this crossover, rustdoc will try to use it the same way as anything else... which resulted in an ICE because it tried to pull a DefId for something that didn't have one. This PR makes rustdoc skip those lookups when it encounters them, allowing it to properly process and render these imports.
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