Commit 2e7be1ed authored by Mazdak Farrokhzad's avatar Mazdak Farrokhzad Committed by GitHub

Rollup merge of #59687 - matklad:shebang, r=petrochenkov

cleanup shebang handling in the lexer
parents a3122e12 fdb87528
use crate::ast::{self, Ident};
use crate::source_map::{SourceMap, FilePathMapping};
use crate::parse::{token, ParseSess};
use crate::symbol::Symbol;
use errors::{Applicability, FatalError, Diagnostic, DiagnosticBuilder};
use syntax_pos::{BytePos, CharPos, Pos, Span, NO_EXPANSION};
use syntax_pos::{BytePos, Pos, Span, NO_EXPANSION};
use core::unicode::property::Pattern_White_Space;
use std::borrow::Cow;
......@@ -667,14 +666,9 @@ impl<'a> StringReader<'a> {
return None;
// I guess this is the only way to figure out if
// we're at the beginning of the file...
let smap = SourceMap::new(FilePathMapping::empty());
let loc = smap.lookup_char_pos_adj(self.pos);
debug!("Skipping a shebang");
if loc.line == 1 && loc.col == CharPos(0) {
// FIXME: Add shebang "token", return it
let is_beginning_of_file = self.pos == self.source_file.start_pos;
if is_beginning_of_file {
debug!("Skipping a shebang");
let start = self.pos;
while !self.ch_is('\n') && !self.is_eof() {
......@@ -1911,7 +1905,7 @@ mod tests {
use crate::ast::{Ident, CrateConfig};
use crate::symbol::Symbol;
use crate::source_map::SourceMap;
use crate::source_map::{SourceMap, FilePathMapping};
use crate::feature_gate::UnstableFeatures;
use crate::parse::token;
use crate::diagnostics::plugin::ErrorMap;
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