Commit 46867cc3 authored by Alex Crichton's avatar Alex Crichton

Tweak the installation instructions in the README

Update the instructions to reflect that we have binary installers for all
supported platforms, and move the building from source directions into a
dedicated "Building from Source" directory.
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......@@ -5,20 +5,19 @@ documentation.
## Quick Start
### Windows
1. Download and use the [installer and MinGW][win-wiki].
1. Download a [binary insaller][installer] for your platform.
2. Read the [tutorial].
2. Enjoy!
3. Enjoy!
> ***Note:*** Windows users can read the detailed
> [getting started][wiki-start] notes on the wiki.
### Linux / OS X
## Building from Source
1. Make sure you have installed the dependencies:
* `g++` 4.4 or `clang++` 3.x
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