Commit 986f88b8 authored by Mateusz Mikuła's avatar Mateusz Mikuła Committed by Mateusz Mikuła

Update Clippy, RLS and Rustfmt

parent 0f88167f
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Subproject commit 016d92d6ed5ae8a3785b65aa300768abbc26f818
Subproject commit 92612c9de159889f77f05855a77482ee1d895f51
Subproject commit 6840dd69af3ada1f8a432075f1f0be679ea8a468
Subproject commit 90f7ab070321ebc5ad217dc0d6db163c029dffd9
Subproject commit d6829d62dca64dfe7ceaa96d1a9c1cd36428221d
Subproject commit 1427e4c20ba5cdc80a338347585c9de71a0dea4d
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