Commit cf5c3600 authored by gnzlbg's avatar gnzlbg

Export stats::Summary from libtest

parent a5e7f0c7
......@@ -17,11 +17,14 @@
extern crate libtest;
// FIXME: we should be more explicit about the exact APIs that we
// export to users.
pub use libtest::{
assert_test_result, filter_tests, parse_opts, run_test, test_main, test_main_static,
Bencher, DynTestFn, DynTestName, Metric, MetricMap, Options, RunIgnored, ShouldPanic,
StaticBenchFn, StaticTestFn, StaticTestName, TestDesc, TestDescAndFn, TestName, TestOpts,
TestResult, TrFailed, TrFailedMsg, TrIgnored, TrOk,
TestResult, TrFailed, TrFailedMsg, TrIgnored, TrOk, stats::Summary
/// A function that is opaque to the optimizer, to allow benchmarks to
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