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Release 0.7.8

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## Unreleased
## 0.7.8
* Support no-std usage by disabling the new default feature `std` and using new features `libm-math` and `has-atomics`. The gpu_cache module/feature requires std.
## 0.7.7
name = "rusttype"
version = "0.7.7"
version = "0.7.8"
authors = [
"Dylan Ede <>",
"Jeremy Soller <>",
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ Run examples with `cargo run --example <NAME> -p rusttype-dev`
## Getting Started
To hit the ground running with RustType, look at the `` example
To hit the ground running with RustType, look at `dev/examples/`
supplied with the crate. It demonstrates loading a font file, rasterising an
arbitrary string, and displaying the result as ASCII art. If you prefer to just
look at the documentation, the entry point for loading fonts is
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