Commit 703e3f06 authored by Tom Almeida's avatar Tom Almeida
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stream: make SeaHasher use same seeds as hash()

parent d52d115a
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......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ pub struct SeaHasher {
impl Default for SeaHasher {
fn default() -> SeaHasher {
SeaHasher::with_seeds(0xe7b0c93ca8525013, 0x011d02b854ae8182, 0x7bcc5cf9c39cec76, 0xfa336285d102d083)
SeaHasher::with_seeds(0x16f11fe89b0d677c, 0xb480a793d8e6c86c, 0x6fe2e5aaf078ebc9, 0x14f994a4c5259381)
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