Verified Commit 94b632ae authored by Tom Almeida's avatar Tom Almeida
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release: v4.1.0

Joonas Koivunen (8):
      refactor: switch to criterion for benches
      refactor: simplify gigabyte to 4k
      refactor: use parametrized benches, throughput
      refactor: rename benches/gigabyte to plain bench
      refactor: rename bench fn, use 1024 as coefficient
      bench: add back backwards compat tests
      benches: fmt
      fix: make ptr reads read_unaligned

Tom Almeida (2):
      stream: Index the remaining tail as a pointer instead of an array
      fmt: Run cargo fmt

jRimbault (1):
      impl Write trait for the streaming SeaHasher

Closes: #13
parent f920cfa9
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name = "seahash"
version = "4.0.1"
authors = ["ticki <>", "Tom Almeida <>"]
version = "4.1.0"
authors = ["ticki <>", "Tom Almeida <>"]
description = "A blazingly fast, portable hash function with proven statistical guarantees."
repository = ""
documentation = ""
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