Commit 994214b3 authored by Joonas Koivunen's avatar Joonas Koivunen
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benches: fmt

parent 53808f98
extern crate seahash;
extern crate core;
extern crate criterion;
extern crate seahash;
use core::hash::Hasher;
use criterion::{black_box, criterion_group, criterion_main, Criterion, Throughput, BenchmarkId};
use criterion::{black_box, criterion_group, criterion_main, BenchmarkId, Criterion, Throughput};
fn describe_benches(c: &mut Criterion) {
// shared buffers for all tests
......@@ -36,13 +36,14 @@ fn describe_benches(c: &mut Criterion) {
|| seahash::SeaHasher::default(),
|mut h: seahash::SeaHasher| {
// use chunks of 32 bytes to simulate some looping on a single hasher value
for _ in 0..size/32 {
for _ in 0..size / 32 {
// this will mostly be an empty slice, but that is a possible Hasher api usage
h.write(&buf[..(size % 32)]);
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