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Merge pull request #14 from fschutt/master

Added units_per_em function
parents 49f87927 9bf80385
......@@ -958,12 +958,16 @@ impl<Data: Deref<Target=[u8]>> FontInfo<Data> {
height / fheight
/// Returns the units per EM square of this font.
pub fn units_per_em(&self) -> u16 {
BE::read_u16(&self.data[self.head as usize + 18..])
/// computes a scale factor to produce a font whose EM size is mapped to
/// `pixels` tall. This is probably what traditional APIs compute, but
/// I'm not positive.
pub fn scale_for_mapping_em_to_pixels(&self, pixels: f32) -> f32 {
let units_per_em = BE::read_u16(&self.data[self.head as usize + 18..]) as f32;
pixels / units_per_em
pixels / (self.units_per_em() as f32)
/// like `get_codepoint_bitmap_box_subpixel`, but takes a glyph index instead of a codepoint.
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