Unverified Commit 3fc22e2e authored by Ian Douglas Scott's avatar Ian Douglas Scott
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Remove core_intrinsics feature

Stable versions of these functions now exist under core::ptr, so use
parent 7c805d2a
use core::intrinsics::{volatile_load, volatile_store};
use core::ptr::{read_volatile, write_volatile};
use core::mem::uninitialized;
use core::ops::{BitAnd, BitOr, Not};
......@@ -22,10 +22,10 @@ impl<T> Io for Mmio<T> where T: Copy + PartialEq + BitAnd<Output = T> + BitOr<Ou
type Value = T;
fn read(&self) -> T {
unsafe { volatile_load(&self.value) }
unsafe { read_volatile(&self.value) }
fn write(&mut self, value: T) {
unsafe { volatile_store(&mut self.value, value) };
unsafe { write_volatile(&mut self.value, value) };
pub use self::arch::*;
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