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Merge branch 'more-libc' into 'master'

Use libc to be more resilient and compatible.

See merge request !181
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use std::{io, mem};
use super::{cvt, Termios};
use super::libc::c_int;
pub fn get_terminal_attr() -> io::Result<Termios> {
extern "C" {
pub fn tcgetattr(fd: c_int, termptr: *mut Termios) -> c_int;
unsafe {
let mut termios = mem::zeroed();
cvt(tcgetattr(1, &mut termios))?;
cvt(libc::tcgetattr(libc::STDOUT_FILENO, &mut termios))?;
pub fn set_terminal_attr(termios: &Termios) -> io::Result<()> {
extern "C" {
pub fn tcsetattr(fd: c_int, opt: c_int, termptr: *const Termios) -> c_int;
cvt(unsafe { tcsetattr(1, 0, termios) }).and(Ok(()))
cvt(unsafe { libc::tcsetattr(libc::STDOUT_FILENO, libc::TCSANOW, termios) }).and(Ok(()))
pub fn raw_terminal_attr(termios: &mut Termios) {
extern "C" {
pub fn cfmakeraw(termptr: *mut Termios);
unsafe { cfmakeraw(termios) }
unsafe { libc::cfmakeraw(termios) }
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