Commit 28ac562c authored by Ian Douglas Scott's avatar Ian Douglas Scott
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Use efi_main() instead of start() as name for entry point

This is what the UEFI targets included in Rustc use for the entry point:

With this change, `uefi_std` can be used with the standard target
without passing a `-Z pre-link-arg=` argument to change the entry point
to `_start`.
parent 3d94560a
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ use uefi::status::Status;
use uefi::system::SystemTable;
pub unsafe extern "win64" fn _start(handle: Handle, system_table: &'static mut SystemTable) -> Status {
pub unsafe extern "win64" fn efi_main(handle: Handle, system_table: &'static mut SystemTable) -> Status {
extern "C" {
fn main() -> Status;
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