1. 16 Jun, 2018 1 commit
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      Polish Impl; Docs; Tests · 0121c678
      SamwiseFilmore authored
      This is at a point where the implementation should work. The only way to
      know for sure that it doesn't is to write more tests :/
      I basically went through all the documentation and checked it to make
      sure it was up to date with the implementations, and I added some crate
      level notes.
      Wrote a few more tests, made sure that doing dumb things would fail,
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      Implement Shadowfile; Fix Tests · 79ed0887
      SamwiseFilmore authored
      This is still very much a WIP. There are a number of things that I know
      shouldn't work, and that I haven't written tests for yet. That'll be
      coming at a later date. However, the current test suite passes and it
      does mostly work.
      The internal API is kinda messy. I mean,
      `Option<(String, Option<Encoded>)>??!! Anyway, there's some
      stuff that is really not pretty, and I would be happy for advice on how
      to make it look a little nicer and be more maintainable..
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      Travis; Rustfmt; Update README · ca35b177
      SamwiseFilmore authored
      Added config files for those two services. I'm not going to require
      formatting via travis, but I thought I'd add everything so it won't do
      major things to code we'd already written if somebody runs it.
      @jackpot51, how difficult would it be to get travis for this repo?
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      Update README; Fix Conditional Compile · ffbc040e
      SamwiseFilmore authored
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      Some renaming and improved docs. · bb1d702f
      Jose Narvaez authored
      - Renamed 'User.verify' to 'User.verify_passwd'.
      - Renamed 'User.encode' to 'User.encode_passwd'.
      - Revisited documentation.
      - Tweaked README.
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