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RSoC: Relibc

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title = "RSoC: Relibc"
author = "jD91mZM2"
date = "2018-07-24T21:18:54+02:00"
# Introduction
Hello! It's me, the tokio guy! Last blog post was the last interesting news I
had about tokio. The only tokio-related things I've done after that is rebasing
and getting [Unix Sockets on
Redox]( merged, which just [got
stabilized]( Instead, I've been
working on relibc.
# Relibc
## gcc_complete
Starting off, gcc_complete did not compile. Like usual, Jeremy was super quick
with fixing a few things, but I managed to catch up when we got to scanf being
missing, and told him I could implement that. [My first relibc
PR](! After
that, I added empty locale functions, copy pasted musl's setjmp assembly code.
Finally, the last few things to get gcc_complete working
It turns out we still have some unimplemented functions being used by
gcc_complete. I'm currently trying to phase out those, and after
- Jeremy: [system](
- stratact: [tmpfile](
- [localtime]( and [mktime](
- [getenv and putenv](,
- [strftime](
- [basic signal support](
we only have tmpfile left, which stratact
## redox itself
**I had nothing to do with this**, but you need to know something awesome.
Jeremy [got relibc to compile
(which also required some [kernel
I was surprised when he said he'd do this since I thought it was my job, but I
*was* stuck and I'm very impressed to see how it all turned out! I am able to
run orbital and normal pure-rust programs with relibc, although it seems
slower. Openssl does not yet work, which leads us to:
## openssl
I also want to get openssl to compile. For that, we were missing
Then, sajattack is working on
[netdb](, which
I'm thankful I don't have to do because it involves dns parsing and everything!
We're probably going to need more signal functions to be implemented, but I
haven't gotten to that stage of compiling yet.
When openssl compiles, we should sooner or later have a relatively complete
version of redox compiling with relibc!
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