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improve dependencies install instructions (#61)

this step is different for Linux-, MacOS-MacPorts- and MacOS-Hombrew users,
therefore I provided this step for each of the 3 target groups.
parent 5d2dc004
......@@ -27,8 +27,24 @@ Installing the build dependencies manually
I assume you have a package manager, which you know how to use (if not, you have to install the build dependencies manually). We need the following deps: `make` (probably already installed), `nasm` (the assembler, we use in the build process), `qemu` (the hardware emulator, we will use. If you want to run Redox on real hardware, you should read the `fun` chapter):)
Linux Users:
$ [your package manager] install make nasm qemu pkg-config libfuse-dev
MacOS Users using MacPorts:
$ sudo port install make nasm qemu gcc49 pkg-config osxfuse x86_64-elf-gcc
MacOS Users using Homebrew:
$ [your package manager] install make nasm qemu libfuse-dev pkg-config
$ brew install make nasm qemu gcc49 pkg-config Caskroom/cask/osxfuse
$ brew tap glendc/gcc_cross_compilers
$ brew install glendc/gcc_cross_compilers/x64-elf-binutils glendc/gcc_cross_compilers/x64-elf-gcc
While the following step is not _required_, it is recommended. If you already have a functioning Rust nightly installation, you can skip this step:
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