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Add hardware that supporting Redox
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......@@ -7,7 +7,13 @@ We have modest compatibility with [POSIX], allowing Redox to run many programs w
We take inspiration from [Plan9], [Minix], [Linux], and [BSD]. We are trying to generalize various concepts from other systems, to get one unified design. We will speak about this some more in the [Design] chapter.
Redox runs on real hardware today.
At this time, Redox supports:
* All x86_64 CPUs.
* Graphics cards with VBE support (all nvidia, intel, and amd cards from the past decade have this).
* AHCI disks.
* E1000 or RTL8168 network cards.
* Mouse and keyboard with PS/2 emulation.
This book is broken into 9 parts:
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