Authored by Sophie Phoenix

How to Buy The Best Sewing Machine For Novice?

When you buy a sewing machine, what features and factors do you need to pay attention to? For new sewists, how can they buy the best sewing machine that suits their needs? This has always been a HOT issue for many years. If you are a beginner in the sewing field, congratulations, this is a very useful article for you. In this article, we give you some advice on buying a sewing machine!

First, you need to know about the uses of Swatches and Samples. When you enter a store to buy the best mechanical sewing machine for beginners, the seller will not tell you the machine's errors or they will avoid them if you are curious.

Test a sewing machine before buying

So I recommend bringing Swatches and Samples and applying them to the sewing machine as an experiment.

If the stitches are nice on the fabric and the sewing machine works smoothly, it is a good sewing machine. If you feel that there are errors during the operation, refuse and ignore the sewing machine. Test the sewing machine with many different fabrics to make sure it's really good.

Second, you should check the common functions of the sewing machine you are targeting. When you want to buy a sewing machine, you will be confused about its features. There are too many features and I'm sure that some of them won't be needed for your use. However, there are a few common functions that I recommend checking.

  • See if the sewing machine has a built-in threader or not! A built-in threader helps you thread your machine whenever you want. This feature makes it easier for you to work sewing and you will save a lot of time.
  • The bobbin loading and the drop-in system are two things that you must pay attention to. If a best sewing machine lacks these two functions, you will have many problems during the sewing process.
  • Make sure the best sewing machine for beginners you want to buy has free arm capability. It helps you feel comfortable working with any type of fabric.

A computerized sewing machine for beginners

Next, you should check the modern and necessary features of the sewing machine. Of course, in some cases new sewists won't need modern features. But everyone likes comfort in a sewing machine. So think about the necessary features and ask the seller about the modern features that the sewing machine owns.

If your budget is appropriate, you can buy it. It is possible that you will not use some of the features in the early stages of your sewing career, but in the future you will need them.


Be passionate about your sewing projects as well as follow our articles for interesting information about this unique art field. I believe a professional sewist will make good use of any features his (or her) sewing machine possesses. Buying a sewing machine is important because it is the beginning of all your sewing projects. If you have found a best heavy duty sewing machine for leather, it will be easier to create beautiful outfits from leather and other thick fabrics like jeans and denim. Good luck and have fun!

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