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window privacy film dubai

Window Films are the best quality films at the most affordable prices in the UAE. Our window films include Tinted heat and solar control films in various colors, shades, and transparencies; clear heat control films that let in most of the light while still filtering the heat of the sun; Anti-shatter security films that add a layer of safety and protection to your space by preventing glass from shattering; and decorative films that simulate acid-etched, frosted and stained glass effects while providing solar and heat control. the switchable smart film lets you switch between clear and tint effects on your window glass with just the press of a button. With the smart film, you can control the amount of light you want to let through the window glass by adjusting the opacity of the film from a handheld remote control. Please visit window privacy film dubai . This frees you from the use of blinds and curtains for privacy and solar control, while not compromising on large windows, outside views and natural light on demand.

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