Authored by nahana kabeer

best international college in australia

Global education promotes skills, values, and knowledge that are crucial to a student's development. By learning about controversial issues, students acquire critical thinking skills and effective communication tactics. Please visit best international college in australia . Global learning enables students with agency to take purposeful action to improve their own lives and to positively influence the world around them. When students are provided opportunities to investigate issues they deem important (be it gun violence, access to clean water, or human rights violations), unpack why these issues exist, and come up with solutions to make them better, they become empowered to be the catalysts of the changes they wish to see. As numerous teachers and school administrators implementing global education initiatives I have worked with attest, once you open the door for students to take action, you will be amazed at the fundraisers, campaigns, projects, programs, and protests they will devise on their own to make the world a better place.

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