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What is Cisco Call Manager Express?

Cisco Call Manager Express (CME) is an enhanced IP telephony solution that is integrated into Cisco IOS. It is an ideal solution for small business customers to efficiently use their existing IP data connectivity to incorporate the deployment of voice and IP telephony.

Being able to support IP telephony and IP data traffic through a single global converged solution is of great benefit to the customers both for optimizing their operations and for limiting their maintenance costs.

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CME requires certain files to be installed in the router's flash. These special files can be obtained via a zip bundle file from the Cisco Software Center. Among other things, this zip file contains the firmware files of Cisco IP phones and has to be unzipped prior to be transferred to the flash.

After obtaining this archive file (either or cme-basic.3.2.tar) you should uncompress it into your tftp server and use the copy tftp flash command to transfer the files to the router's flash. You should transfer only the firmware files for the phones types that are used in your network.

Afterwards, the following commands need to be provided for preparing the CME to be able to deliver the appropriate IP phone firmware and configuration on a need-to-need basis.

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