Authored by Robin Randhawa

Unable to decipher ion and login errors

There are 2 logs below. The first showing a boot to login without syscall tracing and the latter with it.

In both instances, I get back to the prompt when I type in the user login (empty password) or root login (password 'password').

With syscall tracing enabled, I see a potentially incriminating exit from ion followed by an exit from login. The sequence can be seen at lines (4987-4988). It is as if ion fails to read something on the heap and then exits gracefully (returns 0) in response to which login does the same. I assume that getty then respawns login and ion.

Any idea what could cause this ?

qemu log in 2 parts: 1: from AArch64 Redox run without syscall tracing enabled 2: with syscall tracing enabled 281 KB
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