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- [Aren't they confusing?]()
- [How it works under the hood](./design/url/
- [Schemes](./design/scheme/
- [The root scheme](./design/scheme/
- [Writing your own scheme](./design/scheme/
- [Using schemes efficiently]()
- [Resources](./design/resource/
The root scheme
The root scheme is the kernel scheme, which is used for registering and retrieving information about schemes. The root schemes name is simply an empty string.
Registering a scheme
Registering a scheme is done by opening the name of the scheme with the `CREATE` flag, in the root scheme.
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Opening a URL
Opening URLs happens through the `OPEN` system call. `OPEN` takes a C-like, null-terminating string, and two pointer-sized integers, keeping the open flags and the file mode, respectively.
The path argument of `OPEN` do not have to be an URL. For compatibility reasons, it will default to the `file:` scheme. If otherwise specified, the scheme will be resolved by the registrar (see 'The root scheme'), and then opened.
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