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Provide instuctions for people who just want to try Redox
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- [Will Redox replace Linux?](./introduction/
- [About this Book](./introduction/
- [Getting started]()
- [Preparing Redox](./getting_started/
- [Getting started](./getting_started/
- [Trying Redox in a virtual machine](./getting_started/
- [Running Redox on real hardware](./getting_started/
- [Preparing the build](./getting_started/
- [Compiling Redox](./getting_started/
- [Exploring Redox](./getting_started/
- [Questions and feedback](./getting_started/
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- [Environment]()
- [Fun]()
- [Running Redox on real hardware]()
- [Setting up a Redox desktop]()
- [Customizing Redox]()
Getting started
[Preparing the build](getting_started/preparing_the_build.html) has information about setting up your system to compile Redox, which is necessary if you want to contribute to Redox development.
If you aren't (currently) interesting in going through the trouble of building Redox, you can download the latest release. See the instructions for [running in a virtual machine](getting_started/try_vm.html) or [running on real hardware](getting_started/real_hardware.html).
Preparing the build.
Preparing the build
Woah! You made it so far, all the way to here. Congrats! Now we gotta build Redox.
......@@ -69,3 +69,8 @@ Rustup will install the `stable` version of Rust. To run Redox, you have to inst
$ rustup toolchain install nightly
$ rustup override set nightly
Next steps
Once this is all set up, you can move on to [compiling Redox](getting_started/compiling_redox.html).
Running Redox on real hardware
Currently, Redox only natively supports booting from a hard disk with no partition table. Therefore, the current ISO image uses a bootloader to loads the filesystem into memory and emulates one. This is inefficent and requires a somewhat large amount of memory, which will be fixed once proper support for various things (such as a USB mass storage driver) are implemented.
Despite the awkward way it works, the ISO image is the recomended way to try out Redox on real hardware (in an emulator, a virtual hard drive is better). You can obtain an ISO image either by downloading the [latest release](, or by building one with `make iso` from the [Redox source tree](
You can create a bootable CD or USB drive from the ISO as with other bootable disk images.
Hardware support is limited at the moment, so your milage may vary. There is no USB HID driver, so a USB keyboard or mouse will not work. There is a PS/2 driver, which works with the keyboards and touchpads in many laptops. For networking, the rtl8168d and e1000d ethernet controllers are currently supported.
Redox isn't currently going to replace your existing OS, but it's a fun thing to try; boot Redox on your computer, and see what works.
Trying Redox in a virtual machine
The ISO image is *not* the prefered way to run Redox in a virtual machine. Currently the ISO image loads the entire hard disk image (including unused space) into memory. In the future, the live disk should be improved so that doesn't happen.
Instead, you want to use the hard disk image, which you can find on the [release pages]( as a `.bin.gz` file. Download and extract that file.
You can then run it in your prefered emulator; this command will run qemu with various features Redox can use enables:
qemu-system-x86_64 -serial mon:stdio -d cpu_reset -d guest_errors -smp 4 -m 1024 -s -machine q35 -device ich9-intel-hda -device hda-duplex -net nic,model=e1000 -net user -device nec-usb-xhci,id=xhci -device usb-tablet,bus=xhci.0 -enable-kvm -cpu host -drive file=redox_VERSION.bin,format=raw
Change `redox_VERSION.bin` to the `.bin` file you just downloaded.
......@@ -6,3 +6,5 @@ This is the Redox book, which will go through (almost) everything about Redox: d
Please notice that this book is currently being written.
This book was written by Ticki with the help of LazyOxen, Steve Klabnik, ElijahCaine, and Jackpot51.
If you want to skip straight to trying out Redox, see [getting started](getting_started/getting_started.html).
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