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- [Trade-offs]()
- [Safety and performance]()
- [Simplicity and expressiveness]()
- [Programs and Libraries](./design/
- [Coreutils](./design/coreutils/
- [Fail, fail, and fail]()
- [Simplicty and minimalism]()
Programs and Libraries
Redox can run programs. Some programs are interpreted by a runtime for the program's language, such as a script running in the Ion shell or a Python program. Others are compiled into machine instructions that run on a particular operating system (Redox) and specific hardware (e.g. x86 compatible CPU in 64-bit mode).
* In Redox compiled binaries use the standard [ELF]( ("Executable and Linkable Format") format.
Programs could directly invoke Redox syscalls, but most call library functions that are higher-level and more comfortable to use. You link your program with the libraries it needs.
* Redox does not support dynamic-link libraries yet *(issue #927)*, so the libraries that a program uses are statically linked into its compiled binary.
* Most C and C++ programs call functions in a [C standard library]( ("libc") such as `fopen`
* Redox includes a port of the newlib Standard C library. This is how programs such as git can run on Redox. newlib has some POSIX compatibility.
* Rust programs implicitly or explicitly call functions in the Rust standard library (libstd).
* ?? ~~Redox implements a subset of this in libredox~~
* The Rust libstd now includes an implementation of its system-dependent parts (such as file access and setting environment variables) for Redox, in `src/libstd/sys/redox`. ?? Most of libstd works in Redox, so many command-line Rust programs can be compiled for Redox.
The Redox ["cookbook" project]( includes recipes for compiling C and Rust projects into Redox binaries.
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