Commit f3cff71b authored by Jeremy Soller's avatar Jeremy Soller

Merge branch 'fix_sdl2_gears' into 'master'

fix sdl2 asset path

See merge request !220
parents 26bf7bac 158a8f35
......@@ -276,13 +276,13 @@ void CheckSDLError(int line)
SDL_Surface *image;
const char *IMAGE_FILE_NAME = "image.png";
const char *IMAGE_FILE_NAME = "/games/sdl2_gears/assets/image.png";
Mix_Music *music = NULL;
const char *MUSIC_FILE_NAME = "music.wav";
const char *MUSIC_FILE_NAME = "/games/sdl2_gears/assets/music.wav";
TTF_Font *font = NULL;
const char *TTF_FILE_NAME = "font.ttf";
const char *TTF_FILE_NAME = "/games/sdl2_gears/assets/font.ttf";
void cleanup()
......@@ -11,9 +11,11 @@ function recipe_update {
function recipe_prepare {
rm -rf source
m -rf source
mkdir source
cp gears.c source
mkdir source/assets
cp assets/* source/assets
function recipe_build {
......@@ -30,17 +32,17 @@ function recipe_test {
function recipe_clean {
make clean
echo "skipping clean"
function recipe_stage {
dest="$(realpath $1)"
mkdir -pv "$dest/games/sdl2_gears"
mkdir -pv "$dest/home/user"
mkdir -pv "$dest/games/sdl2_gears/assets"
cp -v "sdl2_gears" "$dest/games/sdl2_gears/sdl2_gears"
cp -v "../image.png" "$dest/home/user/image.png"
cp -v "../music.wav" "$dest/home/user/music.wav"
cp -v "../font.ttf" "$dest/home/user/font.ttf"
cp -v "assets/image.png" "$dest/games/sdl2_gears/assets/image.png"
cp -v "assets/music.wav" "$dest/games/sdl2_gears/assets/music.wav"
cp -v "assets/font.ttf" "$dest/games/sdl2_gears/assets/font.ttf"
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