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    Fix a deadlock when killing certain processes. · b3b5d1b8
    Jacob Lorentzon authored
    Previously, if a grant was unmapped and it was backed by a file
    descriptor, the kernel would call close_sync() on that file descriptor
    within `Grant::unmap{,_inactive}`. This is obviously not a good thing,
    as some callers such as UserScheme::unmap could benefit from closing
    However, the biggest problem is that when reaping, calling fexec() or
    exiting a context, it will unmap every grant and thus close the file
    descriptors. But empty() requires a write lock, which means that if
    closing would require a scheme to be called, then it would context
    switch with a context lock held. This means... kernel deadlock!
    The solution is to let the caller of Grant::unmap{,_inactive} close the
    file descriptor, and in the empty() case, to also temporarily release
    the lock while closing, and then re-acquire it shortly afterwards.