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    ld: depend on libctf · e9013bbd
    Nick Alcock authored
    Since ld may depend on libctf (if present), and libctf may be relinked
    by the installation process, libctf must be installed before ld is,
    or the relink may fail if it calls on symbols or symbol versions that do
    not exist in any libctf already present on the system.  (If none is
    present, the copy in the build tree will be automatically used, but
    if one *is* present, it may take precedence and break things.)
    (This is a maybe- dependency, so it will work even if libctf is
    2021-01-26  Nick Alcock  <>
    	* Makefile.def: Add install-libctf dependency to install-ld.
    	* Regenerated.
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