Verified Commit 45c3770d authored by Jeremy Soller's avatar Jeremy Soller
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Use VbeFarPtr to fix reading video modes

parent 9b244a56
......@@ -5,19 +5,32 @@ use crate::os::OsVideoMode;
#[derive(Clone, Copy, Debug)]
pub struct VbeFarPtr {
pub offset: u16,
pub segment: u16,
impl VbeFarPtr {
pub unsafe fn as_ptr<T>(&self) -> *const T {
(((self.segment as usize) << 4) + (self.offset as usize)) as *const T
#[derive(Clone, Copy, Debug)]
pub struct VbeCardInfo {
pub signature: [u8; 4],
pub version: u16,
pub oemstring: u32,
pub capabilities: u32,
pub videomodeptr: u32,
pub oemstring: VbeFarPtr,
pub capabilities: [u8; 4],
pub videomodeptr: VbeFarPtr,
pub totalmemory: u16,
pub oemsoftwarerev: u16,
pub oemvendornameptr: u32,
pub oemproductnameptr: u32,
pub oemproductrevptr: u32,
pub oemvendornameptr: VbeFarPtr,
pub oemproductnameptr: VbeFarPtr,
pub oemproductrevptr: VbeFarPtr,
pub reserved: [u8; 222],
pub oemdata: [u8; 256],
......@@ -74,7 +87,7 @@ impl VideoModeIter {
unsafe { data.with(thunk10); }
let mode_ptr = if data.eax == 0x004F {
let card_info = unsafe { ptr::read(VBE_CARD_INFO_ADDR as *const VbeCardInfo) };
card_info.videomodeptr as *const u16
unsafe { card_info.videomodeptr.as_ptr::<u16>() }
} else {
error!("Failed to read VBE card info: 0x{:04X}", { data.eax });
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