Verified Commit 84535c90 authored by Jeremy Soller's avatar Jeremy Soller
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WIP: Add llvm-config libs to gears compilation

parent 3e708fac
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ function recipe_prepare {
function recipe_build {
sysroot="$(realpath ../sysroot)"
set -x
"${CXX}" -O2 -I "$sysroot/include" -L "$sysroot/lib" gears.c -o gears -static -lorbital $("${PKG_CONFIG}" --libs glu) -lglapi -lz
"${CXX}" -O2 -I "$sysroot/include" -L "$sysroot/lib" gears.c -o gears -static -lorbital $("${PKG_CONFIG}" --libs glu) $("${TARGET}-llvm-config" --libs all) -lz
set +x
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