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Fix make clean.

Jacob Lorentzon requested to merge 4lDO2/cookbook:fix_recipe_find into master

Fixes two issues with make clean:

  • Performance: the, and the and scripts, currently iterate over the recipe names as opposed to the complete recipe paths, forcing them to use find_recipe each time. However, find_recipe looks up the path also by scanning all recipes, resulting in very inefficient O(n^2) scaling, with already becomes obvious considering there are >1500 recipes currently. This MR linearizes the search, improving make clean time from 2 min 45 s (on an NVME SSD filesystem), to < 20 seconds.
  • Duplicate recipe leaf names: make clean on master, fails because both recipes/wip/tools/nginx and recipes/wip/net/nginx exist.
Edited by Jacob Lorentzon

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