Commit 380a41cd authored by matu3ba's avatar matu3ba
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fix(CI): use 1.53.0 rust image instead of 1.43 and fix example

fix test string_vars to never parse input of `ls` and never delete the
created folders, because deletion breaks CI for unclear reasons.
parent c727cb7e
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ format:
- cargo +nightly fmt --all -- --check
image: 'rust:1.43.0'
image: 'rust:1.53.0'
key: linux
echo '# ANCHOR: string_variables'
# The CI can not handle deletions properly.
mkdir -p _tmp _tmp/t1 _tmp/t2
cd _tmp
let filelist = $(ls ^> /dev/null)
let filelist = *
echo $filelist
cd ..
rm -fr _tmp
echo '# ANCHOR_END: string_variables'
echo '# ANCHOR: string_slicing'
let foo = "Hello, World"
# ANCHOR: string_variables
t1 t2
# ANCHOR_END: string_variables
# ANCHOR: string_slicing
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