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      Auto merge of #490 - redox-os:master, r=alexcrichton · 95d5534d
      bors authored
      Remove kind='static' from Redox linkage
      Our cross compiler links binaries statically, and the rustc target has dynamic linking disabled - adding kind = "static" is not necessary.
  9. 06 Jan, 2017 8 commits
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      Another round of portability fixes: · f1a91da7
      Zack Weinberg authored
       * OpenBSD doesn't have idtype_t or the P_* constants either
       * FreeBSD has different values for the P_* constants
       * Android gives idtype_t a different signedness
       * Disable waitid on NetBSD as it causes a link failure - I think this
         may be a problem with the test environment
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      Auto merge of #491 - Roguelazer:add_getpeereid_function, r=alexcrichton · 89c6c6c8
      bors authored
      Add getpeereid function
      This is a wrapper around getsockopt() for getting the uid/gid of a remote Unix domain socket peer. It was added in FreeBSD 4.6 and present in all modern BSDs I checked (including Mac OS X).
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      Add getpeereid function · 4e6dd242
      James Brown authored
      This is a wrapper around getsockopt() for getting the uid/gid of a
      remote Unix domain socket peer. It was added in FreeBSD 4.6 and present
      in all modern BSDs I checked (including Mac OS X).
    • Zack Weinberg's avatar
      Corrections based on CI failures. · 644929ad
      Zack Weinberg authored
       * idtype_t no longer an enum.
       * Darwin/x86-32 needs the $UNIX2003 thing.
       * Darwin, FreeBSD, and NetBSD all have different values for the new constants.
       * OpenBSD doesn't have this feature at all.  (Hopefully we can get away
         with defining idtype_t anyway.)
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      Remove kind='static' · 52369bca
      Jeremy Soller authored
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      Add waitid and related constants and types. · 9d1e4848
      Zack Weinberg authored
      waitid() is a variation on waitpid() with a marginally more
      convenient way of reporting the status, and a couple of handy
      additional features, such as the ability to peek at an exit
      status without consuming it.  It's in POSIX.1-2008 and should
      be available on all supported Unixes.
      Along with it come the type 'idtype_t' and the constants
      were alre dy defined for unix/notbsd platforms.
      Patch incomplete: several targets are going to have to add
      definitions of siginfo_t, but I'm not sure which ones yet.
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      Auto merge of #488 - redox-os:redox, r=alexcrichton · c900083b
      bors authored
      Link libc and libm in Redox [critical]
      This is critical to being able to set up a proper cross compilation setup for Redox. Due to the way libc is vendored, I have to have this change merged in and have liblibc updated in the Rust repository as well before I can have a working buildbot for Redox.
    • Jeremy Soller's avatar
      Link libc and libm · 74590038
      Jeremy Soller authored
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      Auto merge of #483 - japaric:sparc64, r=alexcrichton · 3e895791
      bors authored
      sparc64-linux support
      This needs to be "cleaned" up to use modules instead of a bunch of `cfg`s ...
      Sadly, sparc64 constants are very different from other architectures so cleaning this will result in a bunch of duplication, I think.
      While working on this, I was wondering why the constants are not written like this:
      ``` rust
      // linux/mod.rs
      const COMMON: ::c_int = 3;
      cfg_if! {
          if #[cfg(target_arch = "sparc64")] {
              const FOO: ::c_int = 1;
          } else if #[cfg(any(target_arch = "mips64", target_arch = "x86_64"))] {
              const FOO: ::c_int = 2;
          } else {
              // unsupported/unknown architecture
      I think this might result in less duplicated code. @alexcrichton Has something like that ^ been attempted before?
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      tidy and last minute fixes · 67615b49
      Jorge Aparicio authored
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