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Start a roadmap discussion around Orbital

I have been looking into Orbital, how it is organized, the UI frameworks used, the state of testing and CI. I have gathered a list of questions it would be great (for me) to have answered to give more clarity about where it is and where it's going. I decided to expand that into more of a road map discussion where I can capture answers regarding past, present and future and hopefully have redox community converge on a plan that contributors like myself can align on and help make progress on.

I thought a MR (initially in draft) around a a doc would be a good way to capture answers and converge on a plan. I will take on-board answers and comments to the MR, push updates and try to progress it to the stage where it's an actual road map doc (not just a bunch of questions).

When/If merged, that should then represent "the plan".

Please review and comment in the MR.

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