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Orblogin slint port

Kivimango requested to merge kivimango/orbutils:orblogin-slint into master

This MR is contains the orblogin application port from orbtk to slint-ui.
I re-implemented 95% of the original features.
I tried to mimic the original style too.

However, there are some problems when i tested the changes in a redox image.
Until those are resolved, this MR its just a preview!

Known issues:

  • Password input does not show mask characters when typing
  • The form is not centered on the y axis
  • The window does not hide after successful authentication: i made a workaround to set the window size to 0x0

First two are upstream slint issues, @FloVanGH will check them.
The third is upstream problem too: in winit, there are related missing orbclient implementations



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