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Switch to ureq to use ring v0.16.20

Wildan Mubarok requested to merge willnode/pkgutils:patch-1 into master


Change hyper to ureq to use ring v0.16.20


  • Ring v0.13.5 is failing to build on Apple Silicon
  • Need to upgrade ring to v0.16.20, original plan is by upgrading hyper
  • Higher version of hyper is not blocking and depends on tokio and we're unable to use it without tokio
  • Tokio dependency is problematic as it's depends on old redox_syscall:
  • hyper 0.12.36 -> tokio -> tokio-tcp -> tokio-reactor -> parking_lot -> parking_lot_core -> redox_syscall 0.1.57
  • Switching to alternative HTTP client to ureq which is blocking and not depends on tokio solves this issue
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