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Barfing my work on ZFS

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Created by: tedsta

Here it is. Still no write support. I got my work to at least compile by commenting a bunch of stuff out. I will continue working on ZFS, but unfortunately it will have to slow down significantly as I need to shift gears and work on other things in my life (I will now be putting in only documentation hours per week). I'm about to begin my 8th and final semester of my BS in CS, and so I need to lock down a job.

The road to write support:

  • Implement DMU, which handles the in-memory representations of the on-disk data structures and hands reads and writes off to the ARC.
  • Finish ZIO and make the ARC use it rather than directly accessing the disk.
  • Once DMU and ZIO are done, we can finish the spacemap, metaslab, and vdev systems and finally get some write support.


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