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Liam Naddell requested to merge liamnprg/redoxfs:master into master

This MR switches redoxfs to using fuser instead of fuse-rs.

Reason: according to fuse-rs' github issues, the library is dead. fuse-rs also fails to compile on systems with systems having libfuse >=3.0. Gentoo current uses libfuse >=3.0. Fuser fixes this issue.

Other solution: fork fuse-rs and fix the config files to allow for linking against libfuse3. This solution was not done because fuse-rs is a dead library and will only atrophy with more time.

Potential problems with this MR:

  1. Some of my time conversions might be incorrect as I do not have a super solid grasp of unix time
  2. Fuse library options were commented out as they were unsupported on macos by fuser. I cannot test the implications of this because I do not have a mac
  3. I did some very brief testing on my linux system but not on redox-os because I can't compile redox until the fuse issue is fixed. However, I do not think this would matter because I only modified

Compiler info: Redoxfs does not compile on the stable toolchain, only on nightly. I do not believe this behavior is due to my MR.

Edited by Liam Naddell

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