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    submodules: update clippy from 39bd8449 to c63b6349 · c09d4e7b
    Matthias Krüger authored
    Revert "tests: used_underscore_binding_macro: disable random_state lint."
    Revert "Auto merge of #3603 - xfix:random-state-lint, r=phansch"
    rustup https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/pull/56837
    rustup (don't know the exact PR unfortunately)
    Add itertools to integration tests
    tests: used_underscore_binding_macro: disable random_state lint.
    Trigger `use_self` lint in local macros
    Add run-rustfix where it already passes
    rustup: https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/pull/55517
    Make clippy work with parallel rustc
    Add ui/for_kv_map test for false positive in #1279
    Update to latest compiletest-rs release
    add testcase for #3462
    deps: bump rustc_tools_util version from 0.1.0 to 0.1.1 just in case...
    Use compiletest's aux-build header instead of include macro
    rustc_tool_utils: fix failure to create proper non-repo version string when used in crates on crates.io, bump version
    UI test cleanup: Extract ifs_same_cond tests
    Extract IteratorFalsePositives into option_helpers.rs
    UI test cleanup: Extract for_kv_map lint tests
    UI test cleanup: Extract lint from methods.rs test
    Fix test for rust-lang/rust#57250
    Limit infinite_iter collect() check to known types
    Some improvements to util documentation
    Use hashset for name blacklist
    Reformat random_state tests
    Use node_id_to_type_opt instead of node_it_to_type in random_state
    Check pattern equality while checking declaration equality
    random_state lint
    Move constant write checks to temporary_assignment lint
    Use an FxHashSet for valid idents in documentation lint
    Fix suggestion for unnecessary_ref lint
    Update CONTRIBUTING.md for rustfix tests
    Update .fixed files via update-references.sh
    Run rustfix on first UI test
    Use WIP branch for compiletest_rs
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