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Fix deletion (removes InsertMode::Append)

Jeremy Soller requested to merge gmorenz:deletion into master

Created by: gmorenz


  • Delete works as expected at the start of lines
  • Backspace works as expected at the start of lines
  • line 1: "abc", line 2: "abcdef", at the end of line 1 do "aa", exit insert mode, go down. Now we end up in the right place.


  • Exiting insert mode always (unless at the start of a line) moves back 1 character now, matching vim.

This completely deletes Append Mode from the code base. Append mode had some weird characteristics, such as your position was the same if you were in the 0th column of a new line, or the 1st column. From an architecture point of view having the extra insert mode that acted almost identically to the user seemed unnecessary. That said, if there are good reasons for it that I'm unaware of, this code should not be merged.

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